Saturday, 3 March 2012

Feedback about BEL 260

This semester (PART 2), I learnt a lot of things in BEL260 class. Our lecturer, Miss Zuraidah Binti Sumery, our lovely energetic lecturer but sometime very serious person or 'BIZARRE'. She used a variety methods of teaching us. She displayed to us movies, songs, games, actings, presentations, reports, forums and vice versa. I like your teaching style,Miss Zu. I hope you can still use your unique teaching methods to our junior for next semester. Furthermore, in this class, I learned how to build my self-confident, improve my speaking, improve my writing as improve myself too. ''Don't lose focus'', said Misss Zu to us. Once again, thank you Miss Zuraidah for all knowledges that you taught me. Thank you to all my friends too. Without you all, it will be difficult for me. I hope all of us will get A+ in BEL260 subject and Dean List  this semester. JAC1102A don't forget our trademark 'Never Say Never' and for Miss Zu, we will try our best in Final Exam. See you again and may success in your carrier and life. 



My dearest lecturer, the one and only, Miss Zuraidah Binti Sumery

Fact OR Opinion?

To all my followers, maybe this my last updating blog for you all, thank you so much for supporting me. 'I can't win this game without you all'. See you again.

Our final class . . .

Thursday - 1/3/2012

Today is the last class for BEL260 in this semester (PART 2). Miss Zu brought many foods for us from the collection of latecomers money or we call them as 'investor'. Thank you to Dinie as our main investor of the latecomer's collection. Miss Zu also gave us our argumentative pop quiz last Tuesday. My group get 13/20 as basic writer. After look overall of our essay, hopefully we can improve our writing in Final Exam. Miss Zu gave us important advices and strength to face the Final Exam. Thank you Miss Zu for your all knowledges that you gave to us. We all will appreciate it. 

Purpose & Tone

Wednesday - 29/02/2012

Today BEL 260 class, we learnt about authors' purpose and tone in their writing. We need to focus what actually the author wants to tell in his/her writing. The important reasons for author's to write:

  • to entertain - The author tells a story that describes something or someone in an interesting way.
  • to persuade - The author tries to change our opinion on a topic by appealing to our emotions.
  • to instruct - The author will explain or teach something in the story that the reader doesn’t know.  The author provides knowledge to the reader.
  • to describe - Authors often describe to support other purposes in writing. They use it to create a character, set a mood or envision a scene. 

Next, we must know the tone that  author use in the writing. Tone is the writer’s use of words and writing styles to demonstrate his or her stand towards the issue.

There are so many types of tone such as :


Passive Voice & Pop Quiz !

Tuesday - 28/2/2012

Today class, we were learning about Passive Voice that was delivered by Megat, Sue, Niena and Nabilah.

What is Passive Voice?
Passive voice is used when the emphasis is more on the object of a sentence rather than the doer. 

The differences between active voice and passive voice:

  • Syazwan kicked the ball into the lake (active voice)
  • The ball was kicked into the lake by Syazwan (passive voice)
Syazwan=Subject  The ball=Object  Kicked=Action

Active voice: subject + action + object
Passive voice: object + auxiliary verb + action + by + subject

After we learned passive voice, Miss Zu  wants to make a pop quiz about an argumentative essay. We were divided into 6 groups, 2 groups with 5 members. We also need to divide our team members, so that starting from Miss Zu's left I must do the introduction, Taufik main point 1, Fadzli point number 2, Izaudin point number 3 and Izuwan need to write the conclusion. The title of the argumentative essay is 'Parents Negligence' is a main factor of social problems among youngsters'. So my group disagree with this statement because there are many factors that make the youngsters involve social problems such as factor of friends' influence and stress.