Saturday, 3 March 2012

Purpose & Tone

Wednesday - 29/02/2012

Today BEL 260 class, we learnt about authors' purpose and tone in their writing. We need to focus what actually the author wants to tell in his/her writing. The important reasons for author's to write:

  • to entertain - The author tells a story that describes something or someone in an interesting way.
  • to persuade - The author tries to change our opinion on a topic by appealing to our emotions.
  • to instruct - The author will explain or teach something in the story that the reader doesn’t know.  The author provides knowledge to the reader.
  • to describe - Authors often describe to support other purposes in writing. They use it to create a character, set a mood or envision a scene. 

Next, we must know the tone that  author use in the writing. Tone is the writer’s use of words and writing styles to demonstrate his or her stand towards the issue.

There are so many types of tone such as :


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