Saturday, 3 March 2012

Passive Voice & Pop Quiz !

Tuesday - 28/2/2012

Today class, we were learning about Passive Voice that was delivered by Megat, Sue, Niena and Nabilah.

What is Passive Voice?
Passive voice is used when the emphasis is more on the object of a sentence rather than the doer. 

The differences between active voice and passive voice:

  • Syazwan kicked the ball into the lake (active voice)
  • The ball was kicked into the lake by Syazwan (passive voice)
Syazwan=Subject  The ball=Object  Kicked=Action

Active voice: subject + action + object
Passive voice: object + auxiliary verb + action + by + subject

After we learned passive voice, Miss Zu  wants to make a pop quiz about an argumentative essay. We were divided into 6 groups, 2 groups with 5 members. We also need to divide our team members, so that starting from Miss Zu's left I must do the introduction, Taufik main point 1, Fadzli point number 2, Izaudin point number 3 and Izuwan need to write the conclusion. The title of the argumentative essay is 'Parents Negligence' is a main factor of social problems among youngsters'. So my group disagree with this statement because there are many factors that make the youngsters involve social problems such as factor of friends' influence and stress.

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